Typical current costs to construct a
Smart Home for Vets is $500,000.
PanLbilt Global offers more amenities
including ADA compliance & energy
efficiencies at a substantially lower
cost than using traditional wood construction.

There are a number of dedicated non-profit
companies looking to meet the need to provide
homes that are designed specifically for
challenges faced by Veterans who have
returned from serving their country. Typical
government subsidies towards housing are $70,000.
This is certainly insufficient and needs to be
augmented by private investment monies.

PanLbilt Global is committed to dramatically
reducing the capital investment to construct
an aesthetically pleasing and functional home
that provides quality of life to Veterans and
their families.

Algonquin 1 Story 4 Bedroom/2 Bath/
1 Car Garage or Optional Family Room 2,036 SF 


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