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PanLbilt Steel & Foam Cement

Building Kits

PanLbilt Global has developed aesthetic and pleasing structures to provide a unique character to

neighborhoods and commercial complexes not illustrated by typical prefab constructed buildings.



We can work with your custom designs. Simply provide a full CAD drawing with elevations.


Our engineering team will review your design and translate the dimensions in either inches of mm

to create a Bill of Materials of all components needed for each kit.


We provide base steel & foam cement panel building kits that comprise exterior/interior walls

with built-in pipes for water, electricity and communications, doors, windows and roof.


Optional internal & external decorations include ancillary systems for flooring, plumbing, electrical, etc.


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Our Factory

We are ISO Certified and employ Established Best Practices and Processes to insure Quality Contol.

We have extensive experience in steel production and specialize in factory manufactured, patented, customized & proprietary Steel & Foam Cement Building Kits, Bridge Housing (Container homes custom fabricated from new materials, not reused shipping containers) or EPS SIP panels.

All kits pass our rigorous Quality Control Processes, are fully assembled to ensure proper fit and finish and final inspected at the factory, then disassembled for shipping.


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2-Story Steel & Foam Cement Building Kit Assembled in less than 4 days.